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The Artist Power Pack




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The Artist Power Pack Includes...

  • 20 Smokin Hot Hip Hop, Trap & R&B Beats by Mr. Mig of MaxxBeats

    This limited pack includes a wide selection of urban beats including, Trap, Old School, Boom Bap, West Coast & more! (Listen to the beat previews in the player below)

  • Unlimited Profit Use Rights To All Beats

    ALL BEATS come with UNLIMITED Licenses (Sell UNLIMITED units, get UNLIMITED views/streams) Value $1,000 ​

  • Completely Untagged Beats

    All beats come completely untagged so it won't say "MaxxBeats..." every 20 seconds. (If you want the MaxxBeats tag in your song, Contact me!

  • Industry Quality Mp3s +Wavs

    I produced and mixed all of the beats in this pack to current professional industry standards. Just add your vocals and release your songs!​

  • Instantly Downloadable

    Download your beats, documents & bonuses immediately after purchase to your phone or computer​

  • Official License Agreement

    You will receive an official lease agreement for the unlimited leasing rights to the 20 beats in this special beat pack.

You ALSO Get...

  • Worldwide Music Distribution

    I am giving you direct access to the #1 Digital Music & Video Distributor Worldwide, Who?Mag Multimedia/SONY Orchard. Their Distribution network reaches OVER 500 MILLION households! Get your songs into 1000's of the top music outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Plus Get $50 Off!

  • Music Contracts A-Z

    I put together this amazing package of music contract templates that you can use for nearly any music business situation.

  • Royalty Splitsheet Pack

    Never worry again about who gets what percentage of your songs. I've made it easy for you to register your songs with ASCAP, BMI, etc. Co-writing with other artists and producers can be tricky if you don't take care of business and this is the first step.

Preview Your Beats

This Beats In This Pack are 🔥 FIRE! Don’t Believe me?
Check out a Few HERE…

Meet Your NEW Producer!

beats mode mig
Yo…It’s Mr. Mig from MaxxBeats!

I’m a Multi-Platinum Music Producer, Songwriter & Remixer with 20+ years of experience.

 Some of my credits include Beyonce, Usher, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Jason Derulo, Justin Timberlake, Sony, Fox Paramount Pictures, and E! Television.

“My goal is to build quality relationships with a few new amazing artists!”

It’s no secret that breaking into the music business is tough. I personally remember how hard it was for me starting out. 

I was a young kid trying to make it as a singer, songwriter and producer here in New Jersey with no connections and I struggled HARD for nearly 10 years before I got my big break. I came so close to quitting so many times!

I spent so much time and money in studios with producers, other artists and songwriters and anyone who would listen. It was a long frustrating journey that had a happy ending for me.

So, this is why I’m offering this amazing deal to a few new artists who might need a little help on their music journey. 

This is just a small way that I can pay it forward to my fellow music community.

So…Let’s get it started…with this AMAZING offer I put together.
I am keeping this offer very limited for only a small group of artists so I can provide value to those who really want it.
I look forward to building with you! 
– Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore aka MaxxBeats

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ONLY $24.95





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Frequently Asked Questions

No…But You get UNLIMITED Lease rights to do what you wish with these beats. You CAN drop your finished music on Spotify, iTunes etc. You CAN get UNLIMITED streams, and collect and keep 100% of your streaming and sales revenue.  To give you an idea of the deal you are getting. Unlimited rights to just 1 beat on maxxbeats.com is $149.95.

You are allowed to record and release your material on all streaming and sales platforms and keep all of your royalties. You can also release music videos with these beats, do shows and live performances and even get radio play!

I’ve been in the business for a long time, and when I started out an artist I didn’t have a big budget or the resources to get things done.  I’m making this offer to support the artist community and the new wave of talent out there.   I invested in you by giving you 5 Free beats, and now I want you to invest in yourself by grabbing this amazing package. 


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